Thursday, June 18, 2009

1893 Singer Sewing Machine

OK, so even though I said I wasn't going to buy anymore vintage sewing machines, I succumbed to weakness and with the help of my dear husband,,,,lost all will power and bought yet another one and for only $40.00!
This is a wonderful rotary machine..and it runs smoothly....
It goes with out saying, I love it!
As you can see, my little Peek-a-boo likes it too!
Hubby was able to track down it's age via the serial number....1893, how cool is that?
I wonder how many bits of clothing and what nots were sewn on this lovely machine. If only it could talk.


  1. Yes, if it could only talk, what wonderful stories one might hear...Great find, I am envious! lol

  2. Simply delightful! Congratulations on a grand purchase. I'm envious -smile-.

  3. My friend and I are doing a National History Day project, and it has to do with the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. One of the things invented, we found, was this sewing machine!


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