Monday, June 29, 2009

An Other Blog Give-Away....

Prize catagory #1 Quilter...1 lil Cowpoke pattern, 1 fat quarter & 6 wooden buttons
Prize catagory #2 Stitchery... 1 Angel Baby stitchery kit & mini apron

Prize catagory #3... 1 Apron pattern, 2yd fabric, 1yd lace trim & mini apron
(to see any of these items better, click on the image)
Ok, Bloggers & Bloggerettes,,,,
In the good spirit of Blog Give-Away fun, I am having a Blog Give-Away....but I have 3 I will explain, but first the reason I am having this Give Away,...
I recently found a wonderful site via another blogger.....and in doing so was lucky enough to win the most adorable pillow for my vintage 1963 Serro Scotty trailer.
I truly believe in supporting women and their cottage ventures and while I may not be able to afford to buy from them all (as much as I would love too) I believe in putting the word out about them. I may not be in need of a particular hand crafted item but someone else might be in search of that very thing & how wonderful to share another woman's skills & craftsmanship or should I say Craftwomanship! lol!
So here is how my little give away will work....I have 3 categories.(prizes)...
1. Quilting
2. Needle Work
3. Sewing
Take a peek into any (or all if you have time) of the links I have listed on my blog in my favorite places to go site. Then come back to my blog, tell me who you visted & why and then tell me which catagory to enter your name. (1, 2 or 3)
It would be nice if you could post on the blog that you peeked into but is not necessary to entry my Give-Away.
My Dear friend, Bev, from Pennsylania will be here till Monday, July 6th so I will give her the honor of pulling out 3 names (1 from each catagory) & then I will post the winners names on my blog on the evening of July let the fun begin!
Remember it all ends by midnight on Sunday July 5th & Bev will draw names on the morning of July 6th.
Good Luck to all who take the time to enter.


  1. Sisters of the Fly and MaryJane's Farm...two of my favorite places to visit in blogland. I also enjoyed visiting Tina's Small Town Living site.
    Love number 1...even if I don't win.

  2. Mary Jane, DUH!! Is there a better one around?? I love that place.

    And indeed Tina Small Town Living. LOL great minds think alike ♥♥

    I would love to be able to win number 2, but like the others too. I collect angels so number. 2 is my fave.

    Hugs from Marian/dutchy on MJF ;)

  3. I would love to enter. I love Bev's blog and all her great aprons. So beautiful. Jess is so creative and I love everything she makes. I also visited the Vintage Housewife. So many great pictures and things on her blog.

    I hope you and Bev have a really great time.

  4. Hi Grace! I'm still learning how to comment...sure hope this works...;-P
    I visited the Flirty Apron what wonderful aprons there! I also looked thru all of your blog back to are so talented...I'll be inspired for my next apron!
    Please add me to the giveaway contest..I like sewing and needlework...luv ya, Linda

  5. You have so much going on!

    See you this weekend!

  6. Sorry, I forgot to add my category. I'll take category 3.

    Thanks so much,

  7. I hope I get this right as I am not so computer savvy. I visited Beehive Cottage 'cause it sounded interesting and I was just thinking about bees. I really enjoyed the roses and flowers - so pretty! I would like to be entered into category 3 - the sewing category.


  8. How fun Grace! Please add me to your wonderful giveaway! Love all the sets but #3 is pulling on my heartstrings!


  9. Glad you extended your giveaway which is so sweet of you not one but 3.

    I have left comments on manny of these blogs at one time or another as we are all interested in the same things. Also the blogs are full of creativity.

    I would like to be entered in the apron giveaway but I would feel blessed wining any of them.

    Goodluck to all! Thanks Grace

  10. inviting you over to my 500th post give away


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