Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Frannie Apron...

Isn't this is the cutest apron,,,, I received it from Frannie, sister #487 this past weekend at our Sisters on the Fly 'Glamping' trip....It was stitched with love & Debbie Mumm fabric....I am wearing it today over my 'garden jeans'...I should look cute watering my sickly looking garden.. oh well at least the flower print on my apron looks festive & cheery.
Hugz & Thank you Fran...


  1. cute, cute, cute!! Hang in there, your garden still has time to make a comeback!!

  2. What a sweet apron Frannie gave you! Just fits you perfect! Glad you had a BLAST!


  3. What a sweet apron! I always enjoy seeing pictures of all your treasure.


  4. Hey, Katmom- YOU WON!!!! Your adorable Dynamite the pony story and the Random Numbers indicator chose you and 2 others. Your choice- pillow, pony or hot mitts?
    BTW, we have a glamper, too! A TAB.
    Please let me know your address and prize of choice.
    Nancy Geaney
    Dark Horse Farm Designs


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