Friday, June 26, 2009

Look What I Won in Blog Land...

Is this cute or what!!!???!!!
Dolly-girl inspecting the back side of this cute pillow.

One of the things I like about 'blogging' is that it allows us to share our thoughts and creativity as well as connect with others who share our same interests not just in our little communities but all over the Country, nay, the World.
Most recently through the blog of a friend I learned about a creatively talented lady over on the East Coast. Nancy DeWeir Geaney of
She creates the most wonderful horse blankets as well as other delightful goodies.
On the particular day that I visited her blog, she was hosting a wonderful drawing and low & behold I had the good fortune to win this ever so cute pillow...Is it cute or what!!!????!!!!
It will have a new home in my 1963 Serro Scotty trailer & will look ever so cute with my Chenille bedspread & pink curtains......hmmmm, I feel a "Glamping Trip" coming on!
I almost forgot, along with the pillow came a sweet Lavender sachet....How cool is that! For those of you who know me,,, know that I love lavender.
Thank you Juli Thorson at for posting about Nancy in your Blog & Thank you Nancy for the cute pillow & lavender.


  1. The minute I saw this pillow I said 'that goes in the trailer, it's a perfect match!' So cute!

  2. oh you bettcha! It will look soooo cute in my Scotty..... Pink is sooo cute & kitschy!

  3. Wow, congrates Grace! Are you going to put it in your trailer?!!!



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