Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Day at the Hospital

This is my little "Tea Party Playmate", Skylar. She had an unfortunate accident, her pony that she was riding got spooked from some neighboring gunfire and she fell resulting in an emergency trip and over night stay at the hospital...she is so blessed that her injuries are not worse...but she will be slow to mend and will need special assistance for walking until she heals.
The hospital has such wonderful support groups, and they brought her the sweet kitty pillow case as well as the "BooBoo Doggie & Boo Boo Dolly" that she can put band aids on in the areas that 'hurts'.
BooBoo Dolly in a hospital gown....
BooBoo Doggie...with "booboo spots."..
I have a picture of my sweet little friend, Skylar, further down on my blog, she is wearing a special "Skylar Apron" that I made for her.

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