Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten

While out and about this week, my photography partner in crime & I spotted these two sad abandoned homes....
This one was on the "Palouse" returning from Oakesdale, WA back over to Rosalia, WA.
As you can see, some of the windows are boarded up and the home in general has been left unattended since I last spotted it, in July 2009.
Did the owners walk away in this bad economic time? Did they loose their farm? Did they pass away leaving the home to Probate Court or some family members who live out of the area and are uninterested in maintaining or keeping this home?...I wonder what it's story is.

This poor old home, once had a heart beat...a life...trials & tribulations, joys and sorrows...maybe if I listen quietly I can hear it's is out in the country, amidst thousands of acres of wheatland, off a dirt road, just left to melt back into the sad.


  1. Nice photos, wish I was there, oh, well, I was for one of them! lol I love them both. The tales they could tell.

  2. I'm so saddened when I find an old home or barn left to crumble to the ground. It is history to be lost forever.

  3. Wow Grace, those pictures are amazing! The love they put into building them, the family gatherings that took place...ahhh how wonderful it would be to see them alive again! Bitter-sweet.

    Thinking of you and missing you to!

    Love ya,


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