Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sweet Aprons

I recently was out scouring some Antique shops & found these 3 darling aprons. I am not sure if this one was hand stitched or store bought....the workmanship & detail is excellent. All encased (French) seams and the machine stitching is clean, even and perfect.
Certainly not like something sewn at home on a non-commercial machine.
This one was stitched hand stitched...and is in wonderful shape.
This sweet one has some wear & damage,,,looks like the 'suzie homemaker' had her iron just a tad to hot and melted the blue chiffon fabric.
I love the blue/green/purple floral fabric. A popular mid 1960's color scheme.


  1. Looks like you had a productive 'hunt'. I bet there was more! Where is it? I wanta' see! Come on, sharing is good!

  2. that first one could be handmade, my great aunt did that kind of work-the french seams-on most of the delicate fabrics she used. She made blouses out of parachute silk during the war that I have that all have french seaming..

    great finds, I hope you find more!


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