Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hidden Treasures

A very lovely friend owns a sweet little eclectic vintage shop over in
Airway Heights, Washington, called 'Hidden Treasures'.
These are just a few of the goodies in her shop that she sells.Lynn sells antiques, vintage, re-purposed and collectibles.
A lady from the town of Davenport, just up the road, paints & decorates these Train Cases into cute themed carry-alls for little girls. Each case has a matching apron, 2 pot holders and sweet little goodies that go with the theme. This one is for a little "Suzie Baker"....while the little blue one is a "Little Girls Tea Party"....I just love these cases, and each is hand painted and decorated.
Lynn, the owner of Hidden Treasures is just the sweetest lady and she always has great finds. Goodness knows I have bought my share of goodies from her, most of which have ended up in my vintage trailers. Thanx Lynn!
For those of you familiar with Spokane, Lynn's shop is in Airway Heights on Hwy 2, just go through town, as if you were going to Readon/Davenport...then when you see the 'Spoko Fuel, Lynn's shop is across the street in what use to be a little Barber shop..there is a small Carousel horse outside of her shop.
Happy Shopping.


  1. It sure is a cute little place, but for some reason everytime I show up there, I don't have my purse! lol Next time I will for sure! Thanks for the posting, nice to see one of our fun spots in post.

  2. How fun Grace! Looks like a really cute place! I LOVE the vintage makeup cases!!!!



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