Monday, February 15, 2010

Surprise! another Apron!

Ok so I happened to have some left over fabric from a Laptop Quilt that I am working whats a gal to do???? Yep, made another apron! Wahooo!
This is made from 19 - 5" squares. The back side is lined and I even had enough fabric left over to sew up some yoyos to trim the apron.


  1. I see yo yos, and I never knew they took so much fabric. I don't have enough so I guess I am on to another plan....not sure what but you will soon see it on my blog. How is that little one?

  2. That one's a cutie Gracie!!! Hey....I think you sent all your snow to PA this winter. OMG what a winter I have had!! Cannot wait for spring.

    Hugs to you and Gary!!

  3. You are one crazy sewing lady. you make so may fun things. The sweater I found and your right thats a keeper. Can't leave with a comment about your very cute and silly Kitty.
    Nancy Jo


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