Monday, February 8, 2010

A Sweater Re-do....

I use to love turtleneck sweaters but as I have gotten older I find them less comfortable.
I found this sweater and loved the color, even tho it had a turtle neck collar....I bought it anyways....after several washings it became uncomfortable to wear so it got tucked in toward the back of my dresser drawer. The other day I pulled it out,,,thinking I would put it in the donation basket....I looked closely at the collar and saw that it was not knitted on but rather stitched on, so a little 'lite bulb' went off in my head...out came the seam ripper, off came the collar & then I zig-zag stitched around the now collarless edge...then I did what any re-purposer would do, I crocheted a new low-rolled collar. I even did a little stitch work around the pocket.
The best part is the yarn was left over from a long ago project.
So guess what I will be wearing tomorrow!


  1. Are you clever or what? Good job, looks like it came that way!

  2. you are very clever! this would have never occurred to me. (tho i too love this color)

    brava Grace!


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