Thursday, February 4, 2010

JigSaw Puzzles....

Ok, this is why you don't buy jigsaw puzzles at the Thrift stores! lol!
While out and about looking for {more} vintage stuff for my trailers I spotted some jigsaw puzzles for only 99cents...Hubby & I enjoy working on puzzles so I thought what the heck, we spend anywheres from $8 to $13 for them why not take a 99cent I know why!
Hahaha! oh well it was still fun...and I can always use the pieces for crafting or as mulch in my garden! hahahha!


  1. yup, I also took the chance for 99 cents and one looked like yours, one was missing one piece (I could have lost it with the cat and dog walking on it) and one was complete, yahooo.


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