Monday, March 29, 2010

Junktiquing Goodies....& A Kitty too!

Ok, so our little Dolly~girl spotted one of our squishy pillows and promptly put it to good use...
If you click on the picture of our Dolly~girl you will see her tongue hanging out,,,when you only have 3 teeth it's hard to keep it from slipping & sticking out! Silly Dolly~girl.
In the almost 40 years of living in California I never owned a "California" souvenir scarf so I just had to buy this one up here in a Washington Antique shop! Go figure....but it is silk!
And yes, that is another apron,,,hey what can I say, I am addicted to aprons! lol!

I love this vintage 1960's quilted paisley print house dress/robe....
I call it my "I Love Lucy" robe....I had to let it out a bit to fit but it looks & feels wonderful and it is long, down to my ankles...ooh! now all I need is a pair of 'peep toe' shoes to go with it!


  1. The slippers should be fluffy fur on top, open toed and a demure high heel! Then hubby could rock your world! Fun day, junkin'.

  2. What wonderful additions to your collections, and Dolly looks very happy with the new pillow...


  3. Hey girl, I was thinking about you all day today! You beat me to it! (2 pea's in a pod!) Missyou! LOVE your robe/dress! So cute and so you darl'in!

    Happy Easter dear!



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