Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vintage Hankies...

My collection of vintage hankies has grown from a small gift box of 3 from my grandmother to a rather overflowing collection of 177 hankies... Wowzers! I had no idea until I counted them the other day....hmmm, can we say "Hankie Addiction?" lol!
The white gift box in the center is what started my love of collecting them.
The box to the right is a packaged set but the 2 boxes (top & left side) are mis-matched sets...but I luv the boxes.... These are Hankie Keepers...the one on the right was a sweet gift from "grandma Blanch" an honorary grandma to my daughter back in the 1970's.
I was told by a sweet older lady that the white one might have been used as a keeper for Nylon stockings back when ladies wore nylons and hand washed then & folded and tucked them away carefully...after all back in the 1940's & '50's nylons where not cheap so you took good care of them and stored them properly.

Well here is my "stash"....I have hand washed & rinsed in lavender water each one of my hankies...and then ironed them flat and then hand folded them.
Yes, this is what a stash of 177 hankies looks like.
And I always keep a hankie in my purse...never know when a grand baby will need a little schmutz wiped off their face, or a tear dabbed away,,,or I need to daintily drop it for Prince Charming to catch before it lands on the ground...oh wait, that would be my hubbie dearest!
But,,, Never, Ever wipe lipstick off with your hankie.... proper Lady's use their pinkie finger for that! lol!

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  1. Or to fan your face when embarrassed! You? Never! lol


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