Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Sheets in the Wind"

We had a brief break in the weather where the winds weren't gusting and the sun was actually shining so I took advantage of the weather, opened up all the windows, hung the bedspread & pillows to air out and of course I hung the sheets out as well.
How is it there is always a 'stray' sock in the wash? And yep, now the whole world knows I love Nick & Nora Sheets....
Nick & Nora make a line of fun themed bed wear as well as cute P.J.'s....
Come on, admit it,,,you wish you had fun Flamingo sheets blowing in the wind...lol!


  1. Sweet sheets, did you use those in the camper last weekend?

  2. haha! I should have 'stolen' the sheets & taken them with me in the trailer last weekend...
    I have a Winter set as well..with a flamingo wearing a Christmas wreath around its neck and Silver Airstream type trailers decked out in Holiday lights..yep I even have the matching Pj's to go with them...I sort of 'disappear' into the sheets when wearing the Pj's...lol!

  3. Loving that clothesline and clothes blowing in the wind! Still waiting for my clothesline! xox

  4. flamingo sheets...I have died and gone to heaven....


  5. I have the matching PJ's.


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