Monday, May 31, 2010

Boot Purse....

"Leather & Lace"

I made these 2 "Boot Purses" from an old pair of my boots that were pretty much trashed & well worn.... The cost to re-soul was more than what the boots were worth, so....I did what every good little 're-purposer' would do....cut them up and make something new!
Actually I saw a similar idea in a past "Cowboys & Indians" magazine and thought how cute!....tucked the magazine away and forgot about it... But then in a recent MaryJanes Farm magazine she had instructions and tips on how to make them so make I did.
"Tucson & Turquoise"
Lessons I learned about making these...
1. You Will poke your finger multiple times stitching the leather together!
2. You will re-do the bead work because you over/under put beads on the purse!
3a. The shoulder strap, which is made from an old necklace, will break and beads will go rolling all over the floor!
3b. The kitties will think the beads are for their enjoyment & will bat the beads even further around on the floor!
In spite of all this, it was a fun project...using left over lace, beads, earrings, stones,rhinestones, beads, a little horse saddle charm and of course worn out boots.
(you can click on the pics to get a closer view).


  1. I wondered where you had been! Love those purses, especially the second one! Great job, working with that thick leather can be a real chore!

  2. LOL! What a great project! They turned out soooooo CUTE!


  3. Thanks so much for the 'instructions'...LOL

    Love the purses!


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