Monday, May 3, 2010

YEEHAW & Boot Scootin'

What a great Boot Scooting, Shoppin till we droppin weekend we had down in Prosser, Washington. Tammy, Heather, Karen. Amanda and I meet up with other 'Sisters on the Fly' gal pals as well as our new gal pals from the Tri Cities Area and the Prosser Farm Gals.
The Prosser Farm Girls hosted a wonderful Camping, Glamping, shopping, wine tasting, Alpaca petting weekend. An event we hope will become an annual event....(hint hint to Rene)
We relaxed by our vintage trailers, at the Yakima River. We even enjoyed a good old fashioned Hoe Down in the barn with Zac Grooms entertaining us with his music and humor!
Yep, we even had a good old fashioned "YEEHAW' contest....and no I did not enter even tho Heather dared me to! lol!
If you get the opportunity to hear Zac in concert, do so...He is awesome! YeeHaw!
Nancy our Camp Hostess made sure every detail was perfect right down to the fragrant blooming Lilacs...Oh I am in heaven...they smelled soooo wonderful.
It would take me a day to tell you all about the trip, but I don't think my blog is that big! lol!
But trust me it was a delightful event and we are already looking forward to next years trip.
Happy Trails to you. And don't forget to take time to smell the Lilacs.
Me setting up my Scotty...normally we go overboard on decorating the outsides of our trailers but the Winds were not behaving, so only the insides got cutsiefied up.
Ok, what FUN we had in Prosser this past weekend....and to have had "Zac Grooms" perform for us too! Wozers! I haven't Boot Scooted or YEEHAW'd this much in for ever! lol! Melody and her sweet "pocket puppy" wore matching Farm Girl Aprons! Cute Cute Cute!

Hanging out & relaxing after a long drive to Prosser. (lft to rt) Heather, Karen, Deb's mom, and Rene.

Karen~kpaints scoping out the Aprons and clothes pin bags...

My little Peekie wanting to stow away in hopes I'll take her camping.

Meeting up with Heather, Karen & Amanda over in Cheney...Wagons HO!

My lil Scotty aka Gnome Home was so happy to get on the road.

Ok, speaking of Boot Scootin', poor Rene's husband, Thomas needed a whole box of band-aids after I finished stomping on his feet. What a good sport he is but I bet he won't ask me to dance again! lol!.

Look out Honey, there is a new man in my life! lol! We just met and already he is bored with me! lol!

Well the pictures may not be in order, but I think you get the idea....It was such a fun weekend.
Happy Trails to you, Until we meet again.


  1. Couldn't beat it!!!! It was the best and what great pics you got!!!

  2. I am so glad that you came... and by the way.... Tom's toes are just fine...LOL

  3. Oh Gracie, look how cute your trailer is! How did it do on your trip? How far was your trip from home? Can't wait to see the inside! Looks like you gals had a blast! Good for you!



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