Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is a "Whatsitdo"....just ask little Peekaboo.... Hubby brought home a old nearly thread bare tire... (uh ya, that would be water in rained before I had a chance to take a picture)
Got his handy dandy coffee can to use as a template, did some tracing, cutting & then flipped the tire inside out and Voila! a Whatsitdo! (we now have 3)
Now for my creative paint them,...and then use as "flower pots" or mini raised bed.
I plan to have a few painted in fun bright sunny colors and put out front by the gate, then I can insert some flower pots ...won't that be cute for the driver by's to see on their way to or from town...
So do you have a "whatsitdo" or two? lol!
There are several sites on how to make the tire planters...just search "Tire Planters" and then check out the ' site in Penn.
Or click on this site....
They both give great instructions & pictures.
We now have 6 and as soon as we get a nice sunny day we will wash & degrease them and then paint them.

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  1. What'd ya cut it with? Can you post a tutorial? We love the idea.

    Mitzi and Greg in NC


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