Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Vintage Mixer...

1934 Hamilton Beach mixer with an origonal labled bowl.....SCORE!
Ok, if a couple is good...then 18 is 'gooder'!!! lol!
Yep, this one makes number 18 in my collection of vintgae mixers, starting from 1928 to 1970.

Thanx to the watchful & keen eye of my partner in crime, Rene', she spotted a really cool mixer for me & stood guard over it until I was able to make my way through the crowd and maneuver over to it. Thanx Rene's for "Staring down" the other shoppers who even looked at
it. Now that's friendship! lol!
Anyhow, it is one I do not have and it even had the original instruction book.
I could barely get my wallet out fast enough to pay for it... SCORE!
I was camping with my gal-pals~ "Sisters on the Fly" and on Saturday we converged on the Spokane Fairgrounds for the Farm Chicks Vintage & Antiques Show.
Wowzers! it was beyond crowded....
They had a "Man Cave" ...the wives 'parked' their hubbies in front of the big screen T.V. in comfy chairs and then the wives took off to shop & wipe out the family fortune! lol!
Fortunately I do not have a family fortune to wipe out! lol!
I also scored some yummy 'Lavender Dark Chocolate' from Cowgirl Chocolates....and a way cool (pre-zip code) decals that will be perfect to put on my Scotty trailer cabinets.
I luv shopping and running into friends & neighbors at the show.... "What happens at the Farm Chicks Show...stays at the Farm Chicks show! lol!


  1. Super cute post!!! Best kept secrets......

  2. You go girl!! Love the mixer. Oh how I wish I could have gone to that show!!! I would have been in heaven!!!


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