Wednesday, June 16, 2010


LeiLei @ 9momths almost 6months & loving being the "lil sis"...
Cowgirl Up....getting ready for a career in pony riding!
Ok, so Poohbit's not so sure about this pony riding thing! lol!

I have the most wonderful little girls in my life!
Both are very special and we are so blessed to have them in our family...hopefully for ever.
But in the mean time, our daughter has her hands full!
Welcome to "Mommyhood 101"
'Poohbit' came into their (daughter & Son-in-Love) lives when she was 4 days old....itty bitty and not much bigger then a minute!
'LeiLei' came into the fold when she was 6months they are 6 & 9 months old & together are a wonderful handful of joy not to mention stinky diddies! lol!
Hopefully they will be a permanent addition to the family.
It's been such fun watching these to sweet little girls grow....I had forgotten the joys of having a baby to fuss I am experiencing that joy all over again.
Ah babies, sweet babies.


  1. What fun you are having now!!! It's the best, isn't it? They are both so cute.

  2. Grace they are adorable!!! Sweet as can be! Enjoy those babes!


  3. O Grace, they are so sweet! You must be having a blast with these precious girls!! Sorry I haven't left a comment in a while. Life got a bit hectic....but then you know what hectic is, yourself.

    Hugs to you grammie!!!


  4. Is your daughter a foster parent? I sure hope that these little beauties become a perm. part of your lovely family. Your daughter is a wonderful lady to be their mommy! I hope she will be their forever mommy! I love the pics.

  5. Yep, my Babygirl is a Foster mom with the hopes of adopting these 2 sweet babygirls....I can't use their real names for privacy issues...but Poobit has been a part of our family since she was 4 days old and LeiLei came into the fold when she was 5 months old. So we have all developed a very strong loving bond and so it is with our hopes that these 2 sweet wee ones will remain in our family. They bring us such joy.


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