Sunday, June 20, 2010


I love old magazines, Women's magazines, Western~Cowboys & Indian type, Vintage Travel magazines, as well as Craft & Needlework . I am particularly drawn (like a moth to a flame) to mid-1940's to mid 1960's magazines.
I love the graphics, but even more I love seeing that what was popular then is still popular today...just re-designed.
Knitting magazines are a great source for fashion...I am always careful to study what is in the back ground of the picture too! Sometimes, what is in the background can help you "date" something that you have.
I am an avid collector of resin grape clusters....I was not to sure when they were popular but I knew it was around the mid 1960's and sure enough I came across an ad in a late 1960's magazine for resin grape cluster kits.
I also love "Workbasket" craft booklets/magazines....they had a little of everything, sewing, cooking, gardening, re-purposing ideas and in some of the editions 'iron-on transfers' were tucked in as a gift for the reader.
I saw an idea for an apron using a "apron hoop"( a plastic 1/2 circle), just cut a piece of fabric into a rectangle, hem the bottom & both sides, make a wide hem at the top to slide the hoop thru & voila' instant apron. Truth be known, I remember the hoops from High School Home Ec.
Also notice the idea for a 'strawberry garden' using a wine barrel (left open booklet). Talk about container gardening! lol!
Yep, old magazines are a wonderful reference resource....

I found these cool crochet fruit & veggies at a local thrift shop but was not sure what their purpose was so I stuffed them with plastic market bags to fill out their shape...well guess what!?...I found an ad in a 1970 issue of "Workbasket" for purchasing the crochet pattern from "Annies Attic"...and these cute items were/are...Pot Holders! Oh my word! I would never have guessed it. And everyone I asked had no clue as to what they were.
I was so delighted to find this (pictured) stash of magazines at a recent yard sale , all for $2.00...SCORE!
Yep,, one mans trash is another (wo)mans treasures! lol!


  1. What a treasure trove! I can tell you are having fun now! But you always have a ton of fun, that's why it is so much fun being around you!

  2. There's a pile of old Workbasket mags at my feet now...great magazines!


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