Monday, September 27, 2010

Fraidy Kat....

I am going Glamping this up coming weekend, so I thought I would put together some fun decorative things since the theme of our camping trip is, "Halloween-Ho Down".
I am not into the ghoulish scary things of Halloween but I do enjoy the fun silly stuff.
Well I found this vibrant fabric and said to myself..."Self, this would make a great table topper"
So I bought it & some bright orange fabric, got home cut, cut, snip snip, stitch stitch and iron iron and Voila' look what I have...a table topper with a kitty attached to it! lolol!
Dolly girl made a beeline for it the moment I laid it down....she is no " Fraidy Kat"...


  1. Love the table topper. Where can I get it with the kitty attached? LOL. If I made one there would be four kitties attached! Cats love cloth...doesnt matter what it is...

  2. What a cute idea, you will be all ready for the holiday! I too am not into the creepy stuff but that will get a lot of use. Have fun!

  3. How cute..especially the kitty that is not afraid!


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