Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lavender Pruning...

Well, all my lavender plants are harvested & I am finishing up the pruning.... it's kind of sad to see my sweet lavender plants all pruned purple flowers, no bees, no sweet scent as I walk my little lavender field.
I left a few spikes on some of the plants just for the occasional late bee hanging around for one last sweet buzz through the lavender.
I only found one praying mantis today in the lavender so I guess the rest have moved on or?
On the plus side, next year I'll get to enjoy another season of lavender dreams.
But for now, 'Tata' little bees, butterflies, lady bugs, praying mantis, salamanders and mice....yes I said mice...they like to come out from the field next door and play 'hide-n-seek' around the rock boarder of my lavender field.


  1. What kind do you grow? Would it grow in and humid? I love lavendar but have never had any luck growing it and I want to! Do you sell dried lavendar? What kinds of things do you do with it? How big is your "field" how many plants? It's a perennial correct? Sorry for all the questions but you are so good at growing it!

  2. What do you do with all your lavender? Your bed is so pretty.

  3. I LOVE this sweet picture of you Grace! I can say I have been in your lavender field! How fun was that! I hope your harvest was a good one! I have some of your lavender in my trailer!

    Love ya,


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