Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 2010

Dolly-girl keeping watch over my latest quilt project.
Wahoo! I finally finished my Autumn themed quilt from a 'Block Swap' .
It was tucked away for 2 years and I finally decided it was time to complete it.
And as always, I used yoyos to embellish the quilt.

So as I was working at the dining room table, finishing up my quilt I looked out the window & this is what I saw...
Hubby wanted to get my worked! lol!


  1. I love your quilt! And especially the yoyo's...I love those things! Just in time for Fall too! The garden tractor hoisted up is funny! I just put a picture of mine on my blog too but not up in the air but that would be great for sharpening the blades and cleaning underneath. I wish you lived closer!
    I need to finish a quilt I started for my grandson...I got one done for one grandson and now need to finish the other one. Oh well...another day...another project. Happy Labor Day....literally!

  2. I think Dolly-girl and Daddy are trying to tell you something!!! Funny! lol I think they are trying to tell you, leave this sewing and come play with us.
    Love the quilt, just beautiful! Don't you just wonder why we leave these beauties when they are not quite but almost done? Crazy!

  3. Thank you for visiting Ocala DP and for your kind comment!

    I have great respect for people who can take old stuff and recreate something new and beautiful!

    Love that cat! And your hubby has a great sense of humor.


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