Friday, December 23, 2011


I change out my 'Ladyquin' every month by changing her apron or her jeweley. It makes her feel special! :>)

I found this sweet vintage apron at the local Value Village Thrift Store,,, apparently it had been donated to and then bought from the local Goodwill and then found it's way to the Value Village Thrift! Well hopefully that will be it's last Thrift store visit now that it is in my possession!

On the plus side I did get it for 1/2 price of the orange tag which made it the same price as the Goodwill price... lol!

Then I found this sweet homemade 'Daises & Morning Glories' apron... It is a cute and simple pattern that I can probably copy.

I have washed & ironed both aprons and they are tucked away until Spring when I will pull them out to display in my kitchen.

It's true, an apron adorned with pearls always looks sweet!

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