Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my dear family and friends.....

I found the perfect T-shirt to get me through the stressful moments this Holiday season of shopping, cooking, cleaning, and getting ready for family to come over both Christmas Eve & Day..... HoHoHo!

This is my Christmas gift to myself.... tho' hubby dearest just found out! oh well, he knows me well enough to know there is no controlling me or my addiction to vintage sewing machines, vintage mixers & mid-century acrylic grape clusters.

This lil Bel-Air Bantam was probablly 'born' in the mid-late 1950's and looks pretty darn good for her age! Wish I looked as good!

I got this sweet lil Bel-Air sewing machine via Goodwill Thrift and I love it! It is the size between a Singer-99, a 3/4 size and a 221K Featherweight sewing machine and equally light as it was made from cast aluminum rather than cast iron. It just needs a cleaning and oiling and soon I will be able to sew on it... Mind you, I would ever so love to get my hands on a Singer Featherweight 221 or 222,,, but at $200-300.00 I'll just continue to have fun with this machine at 1/10th the price. HoHoHo & Bingle Jells!

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  1. Our thrift stores never have vintage sewing machines. You are so blessed.


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