Thursday, August 23, 2012

I See Red....

 I don't know why I have been so enamored with the color red lately,,, but I just have been enjoying the 'pop' it lends to everything....
 I finally finished and hung these re-purposed goodies....on my kitchen wall... I used burlap to anchor the frames... the frames just looked lost before I attached the burlap bows.
I think I will add a small floral swag above the frame (above the door) to add some interest. 
Hmmm, what else can I spray paint red... here kitty kitty... lol!
I don't think 'hubby dearest' is to fond of my 'red addiction'...but like I said, "Christmas is coming and look out,,,I have a basement full of decorations and I am Not afraid to use them!"... lol!

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  1. RED...oh RED it does call my name. My kitchen is Red and White and I love that space so much. I asked DH if we could paint the fridge red ...he said YES. lol lol


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