Monday, August 20, 2012

Spray Paint & Projects...

 I have been asked what type/color of red spray paint I use most and well folks,,, here it is... the cheap $1.59 Walmart special...... the more coats of paint applied, the darker  and richer the color....
 My dear (retired Home-EC teacher) neighbor, Andrea...loves to craft with wool and has gotten me addicted to it as well!  This is our most recent project... mini-penny rugs...for small candle votives.... Since I have a Serro Scotty trailer...she thought we needed to make Scotty rugs...and 'sew' we did!  lol!  I themed them..."One in every Crowd" can you guess why?  It was Andrea's clever idea to add the rhinestones.
 Almost done! I have been working on this project for over a year...what can I say...'slow and easy wins the race...and gets the project done'!
I painted the frame, a Thrift store find for $1....had a piece of glass cut for to assemble everything and hang it on the wall in my kitchen.... Yes, the Whistle Stop Cafe recipe is from the movie, 'Fried Green Tomatoes'.... one of my favorites movies.
 This past Saturday I was at a darling little vintage-arts-n-crafts fair put on by Brenda at Past Blessings Farm. I noticed a lot of vendors had re-purposed burlap recovered lamp shades with burlap fabric, pennants/buntings done in burlap and even seat benches recovered in burlap...hmmm,,,, could burlap be the new velvet? lol!
When I spotted this burlap coffee bean sack I just had to buy it! $3.00 and when I got home, to my surprise...I found a small handful of (un-roasted) java beans in it! Hmmm...wonder if I can roast/toast them in my toaster oven...grind and brew myself a cup-o java? haha!
Best of all... Fair trade & Organic.... I should have asked what coffee shop this came from.....I certainly would like to stop in and patronize it.


  1. Thanks for the paint tip. Walmart here I come! I'm headed out camping this weekend somewhere out of Burlington, WA. Wish me luck finding the place, HA-HA!!!

  2. Those mini-penny rugs! Adorable!!!


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