Friday, August 17, 2012

More Crafting Fun...

 Awhile back my gal~pal, Sherry and I did a little Junktiquing,,, to which I found this 'cabinet door front' for a dollar...needless to say... it is now a serving tray... I cleaned it up, painted it,,attached old forks and knobs & Voila! instant tray!  But now I am thinking I will switch out the white knobs for glass off to Hobby Lobby I go ... (insert big goofy grin!)
Yep, I found yet another Liquor Decanter... for Sherry's new old trailer, an which she has dubbed "Jeannie" after the old TV show, 'I Dream of Jeannie'... it looks like a Genie's bottle don't you think?
 I was trying to get a better photo of the tray,,,so you could see the engraving in the silver forks, but matter where I staged it in the house, it didn't come out very well.
 I found this at a local Thrift...could not resist...added a bit of Raffia and bling and it now hangs in my Scotty trailer,,,
I also found this at the still had the 'Target" price tag hanging on it ($14.99)...but was framed in a blah, plain black frame... so I removed the frame, dug through my 'some day stash'...and found this wooden frame which I then painted way better looking now! So for a .97cent Thrift item, a cast off frame, some paint...I have a sweet framed mini appliqued quilt.... Now,,, where shall I put it?


  1. Cute, you could sell those at a craft/farmer's market!

  2. The red would fit in my trailer nicely!!!! Love the tray and picture. What is the color name and brand. I've been having difficulties finding the right red.


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