Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Look at What I Scored Today!

OMG! look at what I scored today...
My day started off with good news and bad news,,, the Bad News... the Airlines called to let me know they had to cancel a few seats on the flight I was to be on,,, The Good News,  they re-scheduled me for the next day to fly out and.. I am receiving a $200.00 voucher, to use on my next flight..
Whoot Whoot!
Then a wee bit later my hubby is perusing our local mountain 'sell-swap-buy' sight and spotted a Singer 'Featherweight 201' sewing machine,,, SCORE! great condition, sews great and only $100.00
Now I finally have a 'Featherweight'... I am so,,, I mean,  I am 'sew' excited!  Whoot Whoot!
Ok, now to go play with my new-old machine.   (1953 year)

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  1. That's a beauty, Gracie!!! I think you needed another sewing machine!! And maybe a few more mixers!!! HAHAHH!!!! Good score!!


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