Saturday, January 24, 2015

MY Week in Spokane

Well I managed to sneak away from sunny Central California to fly back to Spokane, WA., for a week visit with my beautiful daughter and 'cute as pie' grand~kiddos...
I wish I had more time to spend, but quit honestly, after a week of non-stop kid fest, this Oma is pooped! lol!

Yep, there was snow on the ground and nope, it didn't slow me down for a minute when it came to junktiquing and meeting up with my gal~pals...

Chaps Bakery & Diner was my place of choice to meet up with some of my Glamping gal~pals,,, our favorite go-to place for food and laughter.

My daughter Meri and I had 2 solid days of Junktiquing,,, and yes, I had to mail 2 good sized boxes...FULL, back to California... hope I get to the Post Office before hubby or I will have some explaining to do! lol! 

I also got to go check out Celeste Shaw's sweet shop called Lucky Detour, I love all the fabulous goodies.... Lot's of fun architectural elements and the cutest little coin totes made from vintage linens.

Well as they say, all good things must come to an end, and before I knew it, my 7 days was up and I was on a plan back to hubby and kitties....
I love getting away but I also love coming home... so until next time,,, Happy Trails!
 Flying over Washington, Mt. Rainier
 Shopping at 'Lucky Detour'
 Checking out my favorite camp ground, Riverside State Park on the Spokane River..
My 2 grand-girlies,,, their little Brother was not interested in having his photo taken..


  1. You sure got a lot done while you were here. It was good to see you. I just found out about Lucky Detour...was planning to check it out soon. You beat me to it! Did you like it?

  2. How fun! That shop looks fun too.


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