Sunday, August 21, 2016

Eggs Anyone?

I luv my 'Chicken Luvin' friends...

They seem to always have more eggs than they need and I love helping them by using some eggs.
We have gone through almost 3dozen eggs in the past 2 weeks and just got 2dozen today...
Now all that said,, poor Gary got attacked by the Rooster this morning... guess the Roo didn't like another good lookin' guy (Gary) around his hens! lol!
The eggs are anywhere from a modest 1" to a little over 2" in size,,, so a normal 3-egg omelet will take anywhere from 4-5 eggs.. but good none the less.
We are certainly eating our share of hard boiled eggs, omelets and French toast... I see egg salad sandwiches on tomorrows menu.. lol!

So now that I have a source for eggs,,, I look forward to a spike in my cholesterol! lol!

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  1. Actually, the yoke of the egg contains lecithin which is known to break down cholesterol. I never gave up eggs...they always come back later and say they were wrong. I think my body tells me what I need to be eating or not eating. I have always eaten fairly healthy any way so enjoy those eggs! Have you ever tried curry powder in your egg salad? I tried it and now I make it that way all the time. A little goes a long way though. I think it was a Martha Stewart suggestion originally. Have a great week!


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