Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hobby Lobby Fun Run

Look who made a Hobby Lobby run ...
Fresno (finally) has a Hobby Lobby... just opened 2 weeks ago but a resisted the temptation of going during the Grand Opening mad rush! lol! Trust me, it wasn't easy!
 H.L. is my 'go-to' craft store on steroids!  lol!


  1. Bad news...read HL was going out of business due to obamadon'tcare. HL owners refuse to be strong armed to provide "health care" that goes against the Bible.

    1. I had heard that to earlier this year,,, but I suspect things have possibly changed,,, as they opened this store and are opening another one further south of Fresno, CA.

  2. Oh, what fun items you got and what's that cute little motorcycle thingy? It's funny, I'm just the opposite of your other poster's comment. I don't shop there because they have almost all female employees and force their beliefs on others. They can do it but I won't shop there in solidarity with my sisters.

  3. lol! the lil motorcycle thingy is a flamingo riding a Vespa(scooter)... lol!

  4. Hi Kat,
    Looks like you have been finding some cute things. New additions to your sewing room is always a good thing. I really should get to the thrift its been awhile. I'm just sure their are thing there that I need. The fun of the hunt right?
    Nancy Jo


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