Saturday, August 27, 2016

Liquid Sunshine...

Gotta love starting off the morning with 'Liquid Sunshine....'
 easy as 1-2-3...
Luv a tall glass of liquid sunshine...   (1-grapefruit + 1-orange = YUMMM!)


  1. Awesome! Nothing like fresh. I've heard that there really aren't any vitamins left in juices you buy in the store because they're pastuerized. Not sure if that's true.

    1. Ditto that,,, I always wondered why they added vitemans to juice... but suspect you are right about the pasteurization..
      I prefer to squeeze my juice daily to maintain the strength of the nutrients. I read somewhere that after a fruit/veggie is picked,, with in a few hours it starts to loose those valuable nutrients..

    2. actually,, I meant to say,once the fruit/veggie is opened and exposed to air,,, the nutrients diminish...


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