Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another fun shopping day...

My new "Chaps" style funny!

I love my vintage kitchen goodies. The toaster is the latest to my collection.

A gal can never have enough hats & these are just a few of mine....

Former pillow case & some scrap trim & fabric is now an apron....

ok, so my sweetie & I had a pleasant day out and about....a wonderful lunch, sights seeing in some areas of Spokane that we hadn't seen till today & we hit a few vintage shops along the way.
I found the silliest apron, it is like a pair of Chaps, couldn't resist buying them. I also came upon some vintage clothing as well as a vintage 30's-40's toaster as well as a hatbox & hat stand. Oh trust me we found tons of stuff that we ended up lugging home but I don't want to bore you to tears so I am only posting a few pictures.
The hat box (floral) even had the previous owners name & address inside. I thought you might enjoy seeing just a small portion of my vintage hat collection as well some of my fun vintage kitchen gadgets.

The blue & yellow apron is or should I say was a Laura Ashley Pillow Case... has been re-purposed into an apron. I love pillow case aprons!
(as always, if you click on the image you can get a closer view).

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  1. HOW cute are those Chaps apron! That is the fnniest coolest thing ever! I need to make myself on eof those!


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