Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a Beautiful Weekend

Well I started my weekend on Thursday & Friday roasting 4 Turkeys and boiling what seemed like a gazillon pounds of potatoes & my poor daughter did like wise....It was her turn to cook for the German~American club which we are all members of.
My daughter Meri, her husband Evan, Gary(her dad, my hubby) & I all rolled up our sleeves on Saturday and created what was a spectacular not to mention yummy Thanksgiving Dinner for nearly 90 guests. And we pulled it off with out a hitch in our giddy-up! I need to take a moment and do the "mom thing" by bragging about what a fantastic job my daughter did! All her hard work, planning, preparing & organizing all of us. She did a "uber fantastic" job! Kudos baby girl.
Oh & I wore a traditional German outfit for the evening's event, after all I am half German.

Sunday was a leisure day that was spent at the Gintz's farm for worship service, a little banjo pickin' and then food with wonderful neighbors both old and young.
The Gintz's disassembled & re-assembled 2 very old log cabins onto their property and now use one as a guest cottage and the other as a gathering room. They came across a wagon wheel that they converted into a hanging light fixture and one of Candy's re purposed apron's adorns the wall.

Oh and for those of you wondering about "our Deer" well we have 4 regulars that feed on our lawn and our Arborvitae bushes....I saw them in my lavender..... now they are getting just a we bit to comfortable...we even walk out there and tell them to find a different property to feed on and they look at us like we are a couple of homely looking creatures! lol!

Hope you had a beautiful weekend too.

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  1. Wish I could have come for the scrumptious dinner. I am part German does that count?? Thanks for sending the log cabin pictures...they were great! It is always fun to see other people's great and unique ideas.....esp. that sewing machine in the whiskey barrel!!


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