Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Snowing!!!!

Ok, so here it is, November 6th, we have a new President Elect, my back is out & it's snowing! Wohoo! I am beginning to think Autumn is over and well you know what that means!

Yep, Winter has arrived!

So far, the deer have broken right in half one of our Bartlett trees, pretty much scarred our Norwegian maple and left their "calling cards" (deer pooh) all over our lawn, oh and lets not forget the lovely clumps of bunny fur in the lawn from an unfortunate bunny who had an untimely demise with a falcon or eagle....

Here I sit, looking out my office window thinking, uh oh! snow has been non-stop since this morning...but on the plus side(there is one isn't there?) all 4 kitties are sleeping peacefully by the fireplace, I have to keep checking on little Cissy girl to make sure her fur doesn't ignite!

So here is a picture of the snow from eariler this morning, now it is starting to stick.


  1. Your right.. winter is coming... We had snow yesterday & day before.. it has melted and now waiting for more.....hopefully after Thanksgiving! I think you may have gotten the snow weather front from here. It was moving north~ take care..& warm

  2. Wow Grace, it sure looks cold there! How wonderful to have the first signs of...WINTER! Stay warm girlfriend! All is well here. Just posting one or two times a week now. Busy keeping up a blog! I will be posting a cookbook I made in a day or so!


  3. Hey there just stay by that fire and keep on a craft project or two...a warm cup of, it almost sounds inviting! We are having a warm spell here...weird! Have a great day! Love ya!

  4. Oh My Goodness Toots!! Look at all that White Stuff! Poor Honey! Me thinks a Trip to Sunny Florida may be in the near Future for you!!!

    It does look so pretty though.. In a Picture post Card anyway!!

    Love ya Girlie!


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