Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 12th, 1972

Wow, has it been 36 years since my High School Sweetheart and I tied the knot.

The years have just flown by, but we are still young at heart.

It's been fun 'ageing ever so gracefully' together.

I know that the 25th year is Silver and the 50th is Gold, but I am keeping my guy around for our 75th~Platinum....I want a Platinum and Diamond ring!!!!! LOL!

Awe who am I kidding, I plan to keep him no matter what.....cuz he is my sweetheart and always will be.

Happy Anniversary Babe, "ILY"....


  1. hello katmom4...cat here thanks for the sweet comments...oh happy sweet bliss...wow that is just wonderful!!! love the aprons and ooooh the farm girl shoppin spree...wooooowweeeeee! i'm not sure about california dreamin'...i am more of a campin' gal...i would love to meet more sisters though...any who swing by anytime...have a rocken' day...cat


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