Saturday, November 15, 2008

Look Who's Coming To Dinner...

Ha Ha, Look what was "mowing" our yard today...Bambi!

I could not resist taking a few pics and Bambi seemed to be ok with his photo op, so click away I did. I even went out side and Bambi just kept munching away, one eye on the grass and one eye on me...oh and now we have even more Bambi fertilizer. We should have an awesome yard next year, gee Thanx Bambi!

Hmmmm, do my ears make my butt look big??? lol!


  1. He is a beauty! I just love deer and cannot wait until I can sit on my deck with a cup of tea and watch them cross my yard in the morning. I will probably put food out for them to attract them! LOL...I just love the critters! Hugs to you,Gracie!!

  2. looks like a young more than a year.

  3. Such beautiful animals we have to enjoy our gardens..huh?

  4. Hello Grace! What a dear of a deer! How blessed you are to have so many creatures around! I only have frogs..not complaing, frogs are a good thing! LOL! You have been busy crocheting and thrifting! Good for you!

    Take care sweetie!



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