Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Rag Rugs....

Yep, I am 'hooked' on making rag rugs.... (snicker, giggle)
These are the 2 that I am currently working on....
The white-ish one is from a king size flat sheet, 100% cotton, and was a sweet floral print.
It has a 'confetti' look to it once crochet in to a rug, and will measure about 30" x 24" when finished.
The second one, was a aqua colored (1970's) twin flat cotton sheet with large lime green dots all over it...and as you can see is not done,,, I need to find a solid color sheet that is either the same aqua or lime color to finish it. If I can't find either color then I will have to resort to buying fabric by the yard, about 3 yards to get the finished size I want....but I will have to wash the fabric 3-4 times first to soften it up to get the same 'worn' feeling as the original sheet.... so I am really hoping I get lucky and find a sheet that I can toss in the laundry once, dry, rip & crochet....
Anybody want to part with one of their old aqua or lime colored vintage 1970's sheets? lol!
Oh my, I just noticed, this is a "Kitty Free" photo...hmmm, they must all be snoozing by a sunny window! lol!


  1. Boy, you are getting to be a pro at those. Those are both so pretty, can't pick a fav. I plan to make one for Ms Daisy this winter, I have lots of sheet colors to chose I have been collecting them since 'our' class at MaryJanes.

  2. Fun! I made one a few years ago and was just telling our stitching group that they would be a super fun project.

  3. OH! OH! Where are the instructions? I want to make those too! I will start collecting sheets at the thrift store. Sorry but I don't have any aqua or fact most of my sheets are flannel as I love them year round. OH! I wonder how flannel would work? Hmmmm...I might have to try that...oh yeah! Would flannel work do you think? Those are awesome and I need rugs badly.


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