Sunday, October 31, 2010

November 1st...

OK, it's official.... it's Autumn/Winter ... how do I know? because the little German Store that I shop for my German foods and goods has just gotten in their shipment of Pear Brandy Chocolate...
Each year I buy a box or 2 or 3 of Schladerer Chocolate covered Pear Brandy as well as stock up on several bottles or Gluhwein and of course Lebkuchen...all of these are traditional German Winter goodies that are only around for the Winter~Holiday season.
Yep, it's time to start the Winter fest.....


  1. Hi Katmom, sure you can play, glad to have you join us in my Christmas apron swap!

  2. Lebkuchen, yum! Haven't had that since my German Grandmother passed away. Will you share the name and location of your German store? Lilli

  3. hey Linda,
    it is the 'Alpine Deli' in Spokane.
    East 417 Third Ave. Spk. WA.99202
    It's one of my "Must Stop" when I drive into Spokane.
    The just got their Christmas shipment in.
    I buy alot of my lunch meats, sauages & breads there as well a great place for lunch...
    Had lunch there on Friday, a platter of asst. German lunchmeats, cheeses & ofcource warm German Potato Salad.YUM x10


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