Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday Night!

Ok, as some of you know, I am a member of the Spokane German~American Society, club and occasionally I cook dinner for the members which can be anywhere from 35 to 115...
Last night I made Goulash with buttered noodles, beets, tossed salad, Brotchen(rolls) and for dessert I decided to cheat and order in a Carrot Cake from our local market bakery.
I had them leave the cake plain on top and when we cut the cake into portions we stuck little "Peeps" Ghosts on each was Spooktacular! and it got a lot of laughs....oh and yes the carrot cake was delicious,,,with lots of fresh carrot shreds and butter cream frosting.

As for the picture of the "Bear Hunter Honey Liqueur", I spotted the cute "Beehive topper" and had to post this picture for my dear friend, Bev, who raises bees and has beehives...oh and yes that is my glass next to the bottle and yes it was yummy,,, it is smooth with a hint of sweet to find where I can buy a bottle for the Holiday.
I'll bet this liqueur slightly warmed up and a dollop of sweet whipped cream on top would be over the top delicious!
I just had to post a picture of this Salsa,,,,it is a fantastic product made by Juanita Puente, whom I went to High School with....(Newbury Park Panthers~ RULE!) and she now lives in Coeur D'Alene, ID.
So thanks to Face Book, I have found a lot of old class mates, including Juanita, living up here in the Inland Northwest. I was delighted to find her salsa at our little local market, which is a big supporter of of local producers and farmers. We can buy beef, poultry, vegetables from local grown farmers instead of the big ginormous mass producer companies. I love that they & we support our local farmers.
Well all in all, it was a Spooktacular Saturday....hope yours was too!
Oh and yes, I managed to eat 3 of those Ghost "peeps"...what can I say, I am a little girl trapped in a old woman's body! lol! I mean Booooooohahaha!


  1. Oh yum! Now how cute is that! I LOVE carrot cake & peeps!!!!!

    Happy Halloween!

    Love ya,

  2. I'll second are definitely a little one trapped in a big girl's body!!~ Love the honey Liquor....way cool bottle!
    OMG....I would have eaten at least 3 maybe more of those ghosties....and the cake beneath them! LET THEM EAT CAKE!


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