Friday, October 15, 2010

SweetPeas in October...

My SweetPeas....
OK, today is October 15th,,cold, overcast and windy up here in the Inland North West...and yet in spite of it all my wonderfully scented SweetPeas continue grow, bloom and to bring me joy.
These little blooms are from seeds that I saved from last years crop, which actually came form saved seeds that I brought up from our home in Moorpark California 3 years ago....
I don't garden by the rules, and so I re-sow seeds through out the summer so that I constantly have SweetPeas blooming....but I know that in another week or two and all my garden will be put to rest for the Winter, even my sweet lil SweetPeas....
Thank you SweetPeas for bringing me such sweet scented joy.


  1. They are so pretty, love them and the fabulous 'old timey' picture of the two of you!
    I grew sweet peas again for the first time in years and they are so sweet...I will be sure and save the seeds, great idea!

  2. I love sweet peas too.. I am boldly asking for a few of your seeds, if you'd part with a few? They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this picture of yours.

  3. They're beautiful...I love the mottled shades of color. I have never smelled real sweet peas to my recollection but I have ordered Mrs. Meyer's Sweet Pea scented cleaning products and LOVE that!!! Who's that cute couple on their wedding day? Hmmmm...wonder who that might be....were any of us ever that young...I mean really????


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