Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Country Living Ideas

I received my March issue of Country Living magazine yesterday and went straight to the 'crafting' section and lo & behold,,,look!
Now why didn't I think of that!?!...
I love vintage kitsch & I love decoupaging and when you combine the two I am giddy with crafting glee! These are cute,,, and my brain is in over ride as I think about the cool trailer themes I can decoupage on to these old metal trays that I spy for a $1 at our local thrifts...
In fact I think the next time I spot a metal 'lap tray' ..I will need to buy it (or several more for gifts) to decoupage for my little Trailer #3.

(oops! forgot to rotate this photo!)

I love this idea too! and yes I am already ahead of the game... 2 years ago, while Glamping with my gal~pal, Mig, she showed me a wine stop that she made from a trophy top & I no sooner got home,,, hit my favorite Thrift, found a Horse Trophy, bought it and well as they say, the rest is 'Herstory'!

I thought this was a cute idea for labeling jars as well as my canned goods (pickles & beets) that I give out as gifts. I have a 'Cricut' machine and lots of the 'contact sheets' made just for the Cricut machine... I see lots of fun in my future and cuter decorated jars of pickles that I give out.

OMG! Brain over load! I could make those "cookie mix'' in a jar.... then using my Cricut machine, cut out cute little cookie/cake or even better, apron images to decorate the gift jars!

So check out your March issue of Country Living, page 56-58 and have fun.


  1. Thanks! I'm going to order a copy of the magazine from our library.

  2. OH! I think I just got mine too! I'll have to go look! Great ideas! How many trailers do you have? Sounds like you have enough for a wagon train! LOL! I've been wanting to decoupage lately...hum...I better go "junkin" for some trays!


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