Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My New~Old Mixer....

It's funny how things happen,,, just a few days ago I cleaned off my kitchen counter..... then a couple of days later a dear friend, came and stayed the night...and guess what she brought me? Yep, this uber cute mixer... How Cool is that! I knew there was a reason why I needed to clean off my kitchen counter.
Gary cleaned & oiled it and it works like a charm! There is certainly something to be said about old technology....

oh and Thank you Juli, I LUV it!


  1. What a blessing for her to bring you that.

  2. How many does that make, Gracie????

  3. Is it Durmeyer or Dormeyer? Never heard of them and I bet they're no longer making them. Kitchenaide probably bought them out! LOL!
    Gracie.... that doilie underneath is exactly like the one I bought a few weeks ago! Go look at my blog and you'll see but mine needs to be de-stained. Do you know how to get stains out? I was going to try peroxide and my flowers and leaves are all curled up so it needs to be blocked or something. Any tips would be appreciated it as I don't know how to take care of them properly. Thanks! Yours is beautiful...mine not so much now that I see yours! LOL! It is the same exact pattern and colors! Can you believe it?

  4. Hey Bev,, 22 mixers, p;us 1 vintage toy mixer, 1 vintage MAson Jar Mixer and 1 itty bitty 'clock' mixer.... and I actually do use one of my '50's Sunbeam Mixer.
    It runs like a Champ!

    'Sam' try using a little OxyClean on the stain... if the stain is on the white thread you could mix a solution of 50/50 bleach & water and dab it on the stain, let sit and rinse out....repeat if necessary. Don't get any of the bleach on your flowers/leaves... I luv this doilie. My mom found it for me...
    Gary cleaned up and oiled the Dormeyer and it to hummm or should i say 'purrrs like a kitten'! lol!


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