Friday, February 10, 2012

More Vintage Aprons

The other night I was at our monthly Sisters on the Fly meet~up Dinner when Thea surprised me with these lovely vintage aprons and a vintage Chenille bedspread. OMG!
As I always do, I hand wash & iron my aprons.... so that "they may talk to me'' .... tell me their story.... and a little about the lady who made them.

This one after close inspection,,, I discovered was in it's former life, a pillow case... how resourceful was the maker of this apron.

This sweet Gingham apron has hand stitched smocking.... Gingham fabric was popular for both smocking & 'chicken scratch' (a type of cross stitch) projects.

I remember buying my daughter a "Polly Flinders" smocked dress back in the mid 1970's.... I paid $26.00 back then,,, quit a stretch financially back then. But oh so sweet...

Smocking was popular in the 1940's through the 1960's but buy the time the 1970's came along, it's popularity waned except for some of us who held on to the wonderful memories of wearing a smocked dress.

This is actually an interesting apron, easy in construction and done with 'X' stitching to create pleats at the waist. It is made from 36" wide fabric. The waist was just folded over and the 'X' stitching holds the waist band in place.

This apron intrigues me,,, I am not sure if it was made from a 'feed sack' or just inexpensive cotton sold at a Dry Goods store..... The fabric, based on the print falls between the late 1930's up to the early 1960's.... (based on the type of print and the 'mint green' leaves). Bright festive colors were also popular in that time frame.... I wish this apron could talk and tell me more about itself.

I love the sweet fruit motif ,, this apron is just a simple pattern but oh so sweet.

This red apron is a "Half Circle" apron...but with a spin, as the top is rounded and it has added cut-away pockets. The black bias tape that edges the apron is worn and fraying which makes this apron very precious to fact I took it one step further and appliqued a remnant stitchery from an old stained, torn hand stitched dish towel. I am a firm believer in never throwing away special scraps... you never know when it will come in handy to adorn an old vintage apron.

I am almost afraid to tally up how many aprons I have but as of last summer I broke 100...

It goes with out saying... I love vintage aprons!

So cute and so 're-purposed!


  1. What a nice collection you have.

  2. So pretty...of course my favorite was the red print...were those cherries? I love vintage cherries! I love what you did to the red apron and to your lipstick holder! I remember those but I was young and didn't wear lipstick then. I like that you "fix and repair" them or should I say restore. I think for along time "antique" people told us to leave things as is or we would destroy the value. But I'm with you...practically speaking what good is it if I can't use it? Unless it's a valuable painting I am into doing whatever it takes to make it serviceable and something you enjoy. You go girl! You have "trailers", plural? I don't even have one! LOL! Great though for when relatives come! Ha! Ha!

  3. the fruit apron!! You have quite the collection there Gracie!!! And believe it or not, I have never seen a lipstick holder before....where have I been all my life?? Under a rock?


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