Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So for the past 2 weeks, our house has been a hospital Ward!... sort of,,, I was sick the week before and then Gary had to join in the fun and he was sick this past week,,,, sort of a 'Tag Team" for colds!
Long story short...we were both stir crazy by Sunday and decided to make a break for the Boarder,,, or at least for town... which we did.
We hit a few of our favorite haunts and just getting out and perusing our local Vintage shops made us feel so much better that we ended up going to "Frank's Diner" for an omelet dinner.
I scored so many great things including this little 'quilt seam' iron, that I have been wanting for some time.

Then I found these red leather boots at one of our most favorite Vintage stores......, called "Area 58" which is located on Monroe street in Spokane. (You can find them on face book).

We have found so many wonderful goodies there over the years and they even keep a "Wish List", things to be on the look out for, for their customers.

Then I came across this vintage kitchen towel... wouldn't this look adorable in a vintage trailer?

My 'gal~pals' or should I say, 'partners in junktiquing crime' found a lovely whiskey decanter for me while out on a road trip.... and I found this one...so now 2 of my 3 trailers will have decanters. I have this one downstairs,,,drying,,,as I glued 'bling' on the front, neck & top of the decanter!

Then I found this yellow aluminum pitcher as well as the 2 speckled Melamie w/metal trim plates (not vintage...but cute none the less)... both are now at home in Trailer #3.

I also scored 2 more Lipstick Holders! Awesome! As you know I will spray paint most anything, lol! so the metal lipstick holder will get spray painted and the pink plastic one will get new rhinestones. I am so excited about the holders.. I now have a yellow one and a pink one... now for the Quest,,, to fine a turquoise one!

I also snagged these cheesy metal trays which will get spray painted and I luv the vintage hairbrush but the metal has seen better days so I am thinking I might paint it as well.

There were more find, like a vintage table cloth which will be the (new-old) fabric for curtains in My Scotty trailer. Another vintage mixer, a metal wall~ vertical letter holder, a metal lap tray to decopauge and some other goodies... I just didn't want to bore you to tears...Maybe next time! lol!

Happy Trails!


  1. You don't bore me girlfriend! I love all of it. I'm just glad it's you and not me cuz my house is about ready to explode! I did my damage last Saturday which was my last day helping at the consignment store that's closing. I spent a bunch! It was 35% off and I went NUTS! Check my blog this week as I'll be posting it. I like you, have so much I'll probably split into several posts! LOL! Now back to cleaning and clearing to make room for all this STUFF I got! Woe is me! But happy!
    If this comment gets through to you could you please turn off word verification as they have 2 words now and I can barely make them out. It's awful!

  2. You always find great things, Gracie. That vintage towel would be perfect in Karen's Miss Daisy!!! Wish I were closer to go junktiquing with you!!


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