Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Heeerrreee!

yep, it's here... our 1st official snow fall for the year....
I know the birds were not to pleased,,, but I made sure they got extra seed this morning... it would be like me having that extra cup of coffee with a dash of Baileys, to get me through the day! lolol!

 The funny thing is,,, while the birds were flittering and feasting, Peekaboo kitty, sat atop her 'perch' and watched them... I can just imagine what was going through her little kitty brain... "yummm, tastes like chicken"!
 On the plus side,,, the blanket of snow does make everything look clean and pretty...hiding the weeds, mole mounds and dirt.... and of course less work for me....until May....
Poor Gary, had to bring the trash cans in this morning... it's one thing to drag them up the (almost) 300ft driveway,,, it's a whole different thing when you have to do it in the Winter!

But, Gary did get to play with his new (used) Toro Snow Blower... it barely took him any time this morning to clear off the paved part of the driveway at the house... he has to use the tractor for the rest of the driveway which is gravel. Hey,,, better He than Me! lol!
Ho Ho Ho,,, let it snow!

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