Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winter Garden

So for those of you who know me,,, know that I love experimenting, even with seeds,,,, more times than not, my experiments are not to successful for one reason or another,,, but every now and then,,, "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut"... and I get lucky too!
 As you can see,,, I got an Avocado seedling and Gala Apple seedling stared this summer.... (yes that is a Pineapple Sage plant in the photo).... and No, Avocados do not grow up here.... must have something to do with that cold white stuff! lol!
 I brought in some of my beloved plants, mini roses, pineapple sage and geraniums because they won't survive the winters up here. I really should build a Greenhouse..... oh Gary, I have another  "Honey-do DIY" project for you! lol!
Back in So. California I have grown 4 Avocado trees from avocado seeds. They matured and produced avocados (after 8 plus years). So I am not sure what I will do with this one when it gets double in size... hmmm, might have to take a 'road trip' back home and plant it in my mothers yard....

I have never started an apple tree from seed, so this is a first for me....  I probably will keep it potted and then come summer maybe re-plant it out side in our mini orchard  or I could keep it potted for another year and then plant it... I don't want to plant it to early (young)...just to let it become a snack for our roaming deer that walk across our property.
 Oh and pardon the mess in the background, as you know, we are in the midst of floor renovation, so I am still suffering from LHWS (lazy house wife syndrome)....  oh and yes, that's Peekaboo kitty....she always has to be in the middle of what ever I am doing.  Dolly~girl is napping somewhere because I can hear her snoring.....


  1. I have tried and tried to grow avocados but no luck. Maybe you have to be from CA? LOL! I always forget which way to plant them...I do the toothpick thing in water but which end? the narrow end or the fat end?
    Yours is HUGE! How old is it? Congrats on the apple seed! Look at that snow...once again I have to live vicariously through your pictures of snow. Thanks!

  2. Love your plant, and your flooring and HAPYY ANNIVERSARY to you and Gary! Wishing you many more!!! Don and I celebrated our 41st. this year! xox


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