Saturday, November 10, 2012

Laying the Flooring....

They say, if you want to test the strength of a marriage, work together on a DIY project....
Does Flooring count??? lol! (p.s. we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary day after tomorrow...if we survive this DIY project! lol!)
 Gary getting everything set up..... so good!
 First board in... then it went down hill from there! ... we are learning a lot about the nuance of flooring... like making sure there is/are no 'bits' in the grooves that will throw your floor outta kilter!
 Poor Gary, needed a break,,, to re-think, think think and over think.... but....
 Once we got "in the groove".. it started going down pretty fast... maybe we will be done by mid-night! lol! I can hardly wait to have new flooring in our living room, hall and home office.

UPDATE:  We finished the flooring! Wahoo!
Yep, the last board!  We now have flooring in the Living room, Hallway, and Office! So glad it's finished... now onto the next big project...but not until after Christmas! HoHoHo!


  1. It's going to be beautiful! Way to go.
    And, Happy Anniversary. I love both of you :-)

  2. Looks nice! We did laminate flooring and survived :)

  3. Love the floor!! Happy late Anniversary! We just got new carpeting in 5 rooms. I love it and so do my grandchildren. My youngest grandchild is just 6 months old, and the carpet is so much safer for her active lifestyle.

    I see you are shipping your swap package out tomorrow...I sent mine out yesterday!!


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