Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Lavender

I think Gardening is the ultimate "re-purposing"...

1. save seeds for following season

2. compost the plants from seasons end

3. use "found objects" for garden/lawn art

Well you get the idea.

I love my Lavender which I re-purpose into wands, sachets, spritzes, and use for culinary & tea.

I know it's kind of the slow way to grow (new) lavender plants but I dig up the little 'starts'...or plugs as they are called, transplant them into a recycled container, leave them sit on a sunny window, water when needed...and once they reach a good size I transplant them individually into a larger container and then by next summer when they are of a good size to transplant, out into the garden they go.

"Free Lavender"...just have to be patient while they grow.

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